Fagron innovaties

Heeft u de frisse verpakkingen van het uitgebreide assortiment aan Chloorhexidine- en Natriumfluoride mondspoelingen al ontdekt?
Fagron biedt lang houdbare injectiespuiten. Deze zijn gemaakt van glas en hebben een unieke combinatie van kenmerken die bijdragen aan de medicatieveiligheid.
Vanuit Fagron adviseren we artsen en apothekers om patiënten goed te informeren over de gebruiksinstructies van de unit dose neusspray.

Other services

Tailor-made solutions

Fagron has more than 40 cleanrooms where ingredients are not only weighed for our own range, but can also be sampled, labelled and filled under private label, in quantities that precisely match your production process or requirements.


Your benefit: Free your working capital


Complete documentation

Under European laws and regulations on ingredients, it is essential for the correct documentation to be supplied. We provide the correct documentation with all our products, such as Certificates of Analysis, MSDS, BSE/TSE statements etc.


Your benefit: Suppliers and products you can trust.  Freely accessible quality and regulatory documents when you need them at fagron.com


Skilled and experienced people

Fagron is a reliable supplier with end to end knowledge, certainty and security. Operate globally, strategically located sites, wide geographic reach.


Your benefit: Free support when you need it,

Free consultancy to meet your specific needs.


Investigational Medical Products (Clinical Trial Medication)

In collaboration with our partner Tiofarma in the Netherlands, Fagron can provide Investigational Medical Products (IMPs) for clinical trials. In addition to the manufacturing, packaging and labelling of IMPs we can offer several services:

•             Research and development of new formulations and matching placebo’s

•             Randomization of the medication, including randomized double blind labelling

•             Preparation of Investigation Medical Product Dossiers

•             Distribution of the medication to multiple sites in Europe or even worldwide

•             Stability investigation of medication according to the ICH guidelines