Fagron innovaties

Vanuit Fagron adviseren we artsen en apothekers om patiënten goed te informeren over de gebruiksinstructies van de unit dose neusspray.
Heeft u de frisse verpakkingen van het uitgebreide assortiment aan Chloorhexidine- en Natriumfluoride mondspoelingen al ontdekt?
Onlangs is de productie van lang houdbare voorgevulde injectiespuiten gestart. Deze glazen RTA-spuiten worden ontwikkeld in onze nieuwe bereidingsapotheek.


Active in more than 30 countries worldwide, Fagron has rapidly developed into an organization employing more than 1,500 employees. Due to its unique offer and strategically placed manufacturing facilities, Fagron has a leading position and remains true to its core aim of offering the best in innovation, solution provision and most importantly quality.

Besides our raw materials we also offer a broad range of packaging materials. The GMP packages include only primary packaging materials that can be traced from raw material to end product. By requiring this traceability from our suppliers, we can also better guarantee the quality of this packaging.
Fagron also offers services like tailor-made solutions and provides documentations such as Certificates of Analysis, MSDS, BSE/TSE statements etc.
Fagron Industry provides a range of more than 5000 raw materials, from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and excipients to herbs to extracts. Herewith, Fagron Industry offers tailored solutions for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, food, neutraceutical and cosmetic industry.